Hand Painted House Number Home Order Instructions

Island Style is delighted to assist our customers in selecting their own personalized address tiles.  To begin the process please take a moment to review the artist’s images of the available tiles posted on this website. After reviewing the numerous options you are ready to begin designing by following these simple steps:

  1. Please advise us of your exact house number and the tile collection you prefer by clicking on the contact button on this website or by calling us directly at 1-305-292-7800.
  2. You may be as specific or as general as you wish.  If you know exactly which colors and accent pieces you want, let us know.  If you are unsure and would like assistance, just tell us the number and the color scheme you are interested in.  We would be happy to make suggestions. Please be certain to provide us your email address.  Note:  Tiles with a single letter of the alphabet on each tile are available in all styles on a special order basis. The tiles are mounted on a specially prepared custom sized board with hooks on the back for hanging.  They can also be mounted in a column format to fit into narrow spaces.  Feel free to contact us to discuss which option is best for you.
  1. After we have received your preferences we will do a preliminary layout of the tiles and email a photograph for your review.  If you wish multiple options just let us know.
  2. After reviewing the preliminary layout/s let us know what you think. It is our pleasure to repeat this process until you find the perfect combination for you.
  3. Once you have made your final selections and have approved the design, full payment will become due. For a fee we can cement and grout the tiles, weather seal the grout and ship the completed address plaque to you. Alternatively, for those who enjoy completing their own projects, we can ship the tiles loose to if you prefer.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  After a customer approves a house tile design and full payment is made no refunds will be possible.

Please E-mail or call us today at 305-292-7800 for more information.